Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional Management

What are Fractional Business Management Services?

The goal of our business is to help you get to the next level. You need someone to aid in your operations or you need to hire your dream CEO but you are not quite there yet.

How much work will you do in a week?

Our goal is to be very part time: we are going to spend only a portion of the week, thereby making sure that your pocketbook doesn’t view us as a full time employee. The total time commitment will be ten hours.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there will be contracts laying out everything specifically as far as what we will handle and what you can expect from us.

How long will the contract for services be?

Every Contract is for a 6 month period, and it will come with the option to extend for another 6 month period. If it becomes clear that the arrangement does not work well for both parties, then the option of ending the contract exists as soon as the month comes to a conclusion. For us, the goal is to be a short term solution. We want your business to grow quickly so that you need to hire a full time person.

How does payment work?

All bills must be paid on the first of the month for work that will be done during that month. Bills that have not been paid within ten days of the start of the month will automatically cancel the contract.

What are your goals for my business?

Our goals will start to help you improve/develop processes, policies, and operating procedures. Then, we will work towards successfully developing them and streamlining them. At the end of the day, we want to make your business as efficient as possible.

How much will this cost?

If our Fractional Business Management Services are a match, we will give you a quote at that time.