Band Clinics

Band Clinics designed especially for schools can be day long events with the following possible components

Half hour private lesson with students

Masterclass on Practice and Performance anxiety

Masterclass on instrumental Care and Equipment selection

Performance Masterclass designed for students to publicly perform and get critical feedback

Seminar on College prep and Music as a career 

Question and Answer session for general questions


Beginning Brass Studio

The beginning brass studio is available to all students who wish to begin a brass instrument. The instructor will refer the student to the appropriate teacher when the instructor deems the student to have successfully graduated out of the beginning brass studio. For the French Horn and Trumpet students, the option remains for them to be accepted into the Trumpet or French Horn Studio.

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Distance Lessons

For the student who does not live near a music teacher for private lessons, there is the potential option of taking private lessons via the internet. For optimal results, an I-mac (with the capability of I-chat) will be sufficient. The lesson rate remains the same as with private lessons. For more information with regards to distance lessons, please contact Evan.


Trumpet Lessons

The Trumpet Studio is designed to provide instruction from beginning trumpet students up through advanced players.

The materials that a student will be asked to purchase during the time they are taking trumpet lessons includes the following:

Irons Lip Flexibilities

Clarke Studies 

Etude Books include: 

Getchell Studies

Herring Etudes

Brandt Etudes

Wurm Studies

Additionally, solos and other method books may be requested a any time. Orchestral Excerpts and solos will be assigned dependent on the ability level of he student.

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French Horn Lessons

The French Horn Studio offers two possible tracks of instruction. This studio is geared towards beginners up through high school.

Horn Players should be ready to purchase the following materials at any given time:

Pottag-Hovey Method 

Getchell Studies 

Koprasch Etudes

Solos and Orchestral Excerpts will be assigned based upon the abilities of the student. 

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Required Equipment



  • Metronome
  • Tuner
  • Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Appropriate Mutes 



The student should have an instrument that is in playable condition (a.k.a., all of the required mechanisms of the instrument function properly). Other items such as color instruments (Eb trumpet, Piccolo trumpet, etc) will be recommended when the instructor deems it necessary. Mutes are essential and will be required when the literature demands it.

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