Hi, my name is Evan Duke, President of Evan Duke Enterprises Inc. My business is a diversified one, offering to performing arts organizations multiple services, some of which are available to businesses in other industries.

For the musicians out there, I have these questions for you: Are you interested in getting into that performing group? Are you hoping to have a career in music? Do you desire to land that audition to study in college? Do you want to get a professional playing gig? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this website is the place for you! Stick around, explore, and feel free to ask any questions!

My Trumpet and French Horn Students have excelled at Region, All Country, and All State competitions, and they have also distinguished themselves at solo and Ensemble competition. Many have also gone on to play in the Greenville County Youth Orchestra and excel in the flagship orchestra association of the Greenville County School system. I believe I have the best students in the state, and with over a decade in the music industry, I believe I can give my students just the edge that they need to succeed.

However, there are only a few of the services that I offer. From clinics, consultations, and A/V services to assisting with administrative tasks, the business of Duke Enterprises Inc is diversified, attempting to provide to the clients of Evan Duke Enterprises Inc. the services that they need to succeed.